Avios – How to earn holidays as you spend!

Avios – How to earn holidays as you spend!

I wanted to write a post about Avios points and how you can use them to earn holidays as you spend. It seems to me that not many people are taking full advantage of them!

Avios allows you to collect points by purchasing products/services through their website at retail partners such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis etc. But what I want to focus on is using a Tesco credit card to earn yourself points! This mostly applies to those of you who already shop at Tesco and probably have a Tesco Clubcard.

We order a home delivery from Tesco every week without fail and obviously, if you have a clubcard, you know that we will collect points for every pound that we spend. These points can be redeemed as vouchers for Tesco or can even be converted into restaurant vouchers. However, did you know that these points can also be converted into ‘air miles’ with Avios? Now, here’s the clever bit. If you have a Tesco credit card AND you buy your shopping with it you will earn 2 points for every £1 spent (that’s double the points if you were to just use your clubcard!) Not only that, if you use your Tesco credit card for other purchases, outside of Tesco, you can earn 1 point for every £4 spent! Even better, if you buy fuel at a Tesco store (petrol/diesel) on your credit card you will get 2 points for every £1 spend (excluding Esso garages who have a separate scheme)!

So, I use my Tesco credit card to pay for my shopping every week and I always stop at a Tesco fuel station to buy my petrol. I pay the credit off as soon as it appears on my statement, so there’s never an outstanding balance. I would say that probably amounts to around £600 a month which would be 1200 points per month for Avios. In two years of saving, I had enough for two return flights to Rome (where I will be going in October!). Bear in mind you still have to pay the airport taxes but that’s set at £35 per person. I also had enough points to use as a contribution towards a fairly central hotel for 3 nights, which meant we only paid £95 per person for the room (bear in mind Rome is expensive and this is a good deal!) So, for £130 pp we got a 4 day holiday to Rome using the vouchers.

Now, I actually don’t make the most of this offer myself because if you made all your purchases on your credit card, especially big ones, you could potentially earn points for EVERYTHING you spend. You just need to be organised in paying it off every month so you don’t end up paying interest. If you did this, think how much quicker you could save up these points and get yourself a flight to Europe for £35!

I hope this might tempt some of you, particularly if you already shop at Tesco, to think about how you could be earning yourself a holiday every time you go shopping!

Do any of you have good tips on earning holidays for free? Leave a comment and let us know!

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